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About Us

Our Story

It was in the year 2018 that the idea of creating a sweet revolution came about in the minds of Sudha & Abhishek Surana and Shweta & Akash Sethia. When ideas are backed with a passion to create something meaningful for society, the outcome is beautiful and original — in this case, Cookie ‘n’ Creme.

Our Gelatos, Chocolates & Confectionaries are hand-made with the finest of ingredients and proprietary recipes. Our ingredients are carefully sourced from across the world; for instance vanilla bean from Madagascar, cocoa and couverture chocolates from Belgium, the freshest and highest quality of berries from New Zealand. Our strong belief is that using the best and highest quality ingredients will lead to creating the highest quality end product; our love and passion for creating the same accentuates it !

We started off with basic flavours of mouth-watering Gelatos and over time have developed ~65 unique flavours of gelatos including a range of vegan and gluten free options !

We have also developed a range of hand crafted Belgian couverture chocolates available in bon bon and bar forms. We can customize our chocolates to your palette on order.

Fast forward to this day, and with the endless support of our Gelato and chocolate-obsessed customers, we’ve grown to 4 exclusive outlets in NCR and a roster of the most reputed names in the hotel and catering industry across India in a short span of time!

Our small team of wonderfully talented people helps us churn out the best in confectionaries and Gelatos day-after-day, and we are proud to be associated with such hard-working and dedicated people.

Our Product Principles

Our mission at Cookie ‘n’ Crème is to ensure that our customers have great experiences through our careful and responsible methods of sourcing, producing, and distributing channels. Plainly put, we like to keep it real and do it right.

Maximum Indulgence

It’s not enough just to make things healthier; we want to create the best possible taste while at it. The flavour, balance and texture all have to hit the highest standard possible.

Minimum Sugar

Low sugar is the most important health marker! We avoid using artificial sweeteners, instead we use natural sweeteners to reduce sugar.

Less Fat

While not all fats are bad for the body, they are the most calorie-dense nutrients. So we try to limit our usage of fat to just small portions.

Natural & Smart Ingredients

Nature has the best track record of making great tasting yet healthy ingredients, therefore all our ingredients are derived from natural sources. Our products are made under stringent quality norms, using the highest quality natural ingredients.